“Stop and Think” time can support students executive functioning by asking students to reflect and develop strategies that support their learning.


When students are released to independent work time, teachers can scaffold getting started for students out loud by asking the whole class to “Stop and Think” what they need to do and asking someone to share or model how they’ll get started. The teacher may also individually ask students to assess their understanding and provide coaching where needed. The teacher may also ask students to talk out loud their plan to get started. The teacher can do “Stop and Think” check-ins during the work period to gauge time management and help students stay on task. Possible “Stop and Think” Prompts:  “Where are you at now? What will you do next? What is your goal for today? Let’s stop and think about steps to get there.”

Further Reading:

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Created by Kathy Furlong Silverio
Reviewed by Louis Olander


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